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president obama is joining forces with the unions and actually ruining the economy. but progressives say the president is keeping the union fight at arm's lent. former governor jennifer granholm joins us. >>> and a man at a town hall for republicans, congressman paul broun asked when will the president be shot, and the congressman laughs. and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >>> as the rnc goes after president obama tying him to the union agenda,ç the media arm, x news, declares the political discord in wisconsin union busting. >>> and a man at a town hall asks when is going to shoot obama. it took republican congressman paul broun three days to figure out he should condemn what he heard. >>> 100% politics. have you looked at the list of the
. the meeting with president obama, william daley, and the three house republicans lasted over an hour. it focused mainly on the economy. three house republicans lasted over an hour. it focused mainly on the economy. all parties involved came out making optimistic sounds about bipartisanship. >> he thought it was very constructive. >> whether it is education, whether it is tax policy, whether it's trade, or even cutting spending, i think we can find common ground. >> i guess the particulars in the details will be where the disagreements may lie. >> but the republican leadership's disagreements may not be only with democrats.ç joining me now, msnbc analyst and author of revival, richard wolf. richard, the meeting today in the white house, was there any possibility of any real governing decisions being made there? >> no, my sources tell me they stuck to generalities and stuck to what is essentially a high stakes poker game. the white house does not want to put a cause out on the table. they want to see what republicans put out there in terms of specifics as the package run at the top o
president obama released his budget, he held a press conference to defend it, and issued his first veto threat to the republican house. >> what weighs ten pounds and pleases nobody. >> not good to get a head line on the first day. >> president obama is back to a campaign message on budget cutting. >> we have to be careful. again, let's use a scalpel, not a machete. >> called a budget cut, not a budget massage. >> he is playing a delicate game. >> the government's credit card is on fire. >> where the president cuts with a scalpel republicans are cranking up the chain saw. >> house republicans prepare to offer their deep spending cuts. >> president obama effectively punting it. >> republicans will not punt. everything is on the table. >> the republicans accuse the president of punting and then to punt back. >> the gop is saying that the president punted on this. >> republicans have punted for the past year on all these issues. >> it is going to get boring. >> why are republicans already saying they won't compromise, the tea party won't let them, even if it costs jobs. >> the federal gover
president obama is doing the right thing in protecting the people of egypt on their desired road to democracy. that's "hardball" now. thanks for being with us. the last word with lawrence o'donnell starts now. >>> on the first day of black history month, president obama finds himself in the middle of struggles for rights. the right to democracy in egypt and the right to health care here at home. >> i believe health care is a right and not a privilege. >> that's wrong. it's unconstitutional. >> a judge ruling the health care reform unconstitutional. it's about rights. >> states have rights. >> he wrote quote, the act, like a defectively watch needs to be resigned. >> buying stuff can be regulated. but, if i am not buying anything, how can you regulate me for not doing anything? >> republicans are calling it proof that the law is massive overreach. the requirement, this bill falls. what about other mandates? is it against the law to be required to have automobile insurance? >> the president did not want to return to last year's fights. we'll have the supreme court decision on healt
obama has concluded he can no longer defend a federal law defining marriage as only between a man and woman. >> the justice department says it has concluded that that provision of the law, declining to recognize marriages in states where they're permitted, is unconstitutional. >> even you're evolving. >> you're not going to change his mind. >>> good evening. governor scott walker has insisted day after day that his budget repair bill is about saving money and not about union busting. but in a phone conversation with a man he believed to be billionaire david koch, walker let down his guard and said it. >> this is about public-sector unions. you essentially are having taxpayers money being used to pay to lobby for spending more of taxpayers money. it is absolutely ridiculous. it is not just what walker said about unions that has excited the governor's critics, it is his staff's desperate eagerness to put a man he said was koch on with their boss, without feeling any need to check if it actually was mr. koch. that seems to put another check mark in the column of bought and paid for b
's still about half of what private sector pensions do. >> critics, including president obama, disagree. >> public employees, they're our neighbors. >> it's not like people are just looking for something to be upset about. >> meanness takes hold after a while and it poisons the whole atmosphere. >> democratic senators in the state are now taking extreme measures. >> democratic lawmakers are now fleeing the state. >> police officers are now looking for democrats in the state's legislature who are refusing to show up for a controversial vote. >> the legislative agenda has ground to a halt. >> while workers protest in wisconsin, washington republicans work on their own cuts and threaten a government shutdown. >> the only people cheering for government shutdown around here are democrats. >> we're terribly disappointed that speaker boehner can't control the votes in his caucus. >> if march 4th comes around and there is no agreement on this current budget, there will be a government shutdown. >> read my lips -- we're going to cut spending. >> read my lips. >> we're going to cut spending. >> g
president obama's healthcare reform, but today they interrupted his speech with applause. but not as much as o'reilly interrupted him yesterday. >> thank you. i'm here in the interest of being more neighborly. >> president obama's monday begins with a standing ovation from a major opponent, the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> he's walking into the lion's den. >> president obama tries mending fences with big business. >> this is clearly the bill daley white house strategy. >> i just want to encourage you to get in the game. >> first, a new business minded white house chief of staff, then cozying up to the chamber. >> i think it's a really bad idea. >> where does that leave progressives? howard dean will explain. >> liberal democrats like myself thinking with the president and the chamber of commerce about how we create jobs in this country. >> you have the u.s. chamber of commerce putting millions of dollars to run against democrats, to run against the healthcare legislation. >> applause from the chamber the day after the president suffers nonstop bill o'reilly interruptions. >> you see how o
, expected mubarak to step down tonight. that was obviously incorrect intelligence. >> for barack obama, tomorrow he will face a different kind of crisis, much more volatile. >> that is really vintage mubarak. >> i mean, he's been our puppet dictator. we built his army. >> so his interests have been our interests. >> what worries me a great deal, the army might intervene. >> going to be a tense night out here. >> good evening. in cairo, thousands of angry protesters have entered day 18 of an uprising, calling for president hosni mubarak to leave. when day breaks there, many fear it will be the most dangerous day of the crisis. all day today, the world anticipated mubarak would announce that he would step down. instead, he stepped up to a podium in his palace and said this -- >> while i'm fully aware of the crossroad we are at and based on my firm conviction that egypt is going through a defining moment in its history, i have seen that it is required to delegate the powers of -- and authority of the president to the vice president as per the constitution. >> handing over authority to vic
to his combative approach to new jersey's democratic dominated legislature. he mocked his obama-backed predecessor john core sooin who said he would sleep on a cot in his office until the new jersey cries i was averted. >> i said you want to pass income tax increase, that's fine. i am going to veto it. and if you want to close down the government because of that, that's fine. but i want to tell you something. i am not moving any cot into the office to sleep in here. take a look at me. you think i'm sleeping on a cot? we submitted a budget that cut real spending 9% year over year. every department of state government was cut. and we balanced the budget without any new or increased taxes. >> then he attacked president obama for pushing investments in his state of the union speech. >> the big things are high speed rail. the big things are high speed internet access. a million electric cars on the road by some date. ladies and gentlemen, that is the candy of american politics. those are not the big things, because let me guarantee you something. if we don't fix the real big things,
finally tonight, earlier in the text survey, i asked should president obama withdraw u.s. support from the government? results are in. 76% said yes and 24% said no. this is the ed show. we will see you tomorrow night >> i do believe we will transition to mean change. >> peaceful transition to real democracy. >> the white house watches egypt, a new crisis breaks out at home. >> breaking news in the efforts to repeal president obama's health care law. >> a federal judge just declared a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> the judge cited and sued to overturn the law and cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> the up rising is just the latest test for the obama white house. >> some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> everyone's egypt talking points sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not who retains power, but how are we going to respond? >> politics can break out at any moment. >> the worst possible example is what happened to jimm
on the efforts to repeal. >> a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> this is widely anticipated ruling. >> the judge sided with 26 institutes arguing that the federal government cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> florida has become the second judge to declare that part of the law unconstitutional. >> the uprising in egypt is just the latest political test for the obama white house. >> there are some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> meanwhile, everyone's egypt talking point, sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not a question of who retains power. it's how are we going to respond? >> but politics could break out at any moment. >> big test for obama. >> and the worst possible example would be what happened to jimmy carter. the carter white house became trapped in the rose garden and failed to win reelection. >> the white house has been scrambling to respond. >> thus far pleased at the strength that it has taken place. >>
mandela was freed by the apartheid regime in south africa. president obama welcomed the news. >> the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. this is not the end of egypt's transition. it is the beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers, and do so peacefully, constructive constructively, and in the spirit of unity that has defined these last few weeks. for egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. >> of course, some could not resist playing politics with the moment. sarah palin tweeted media asks will obama administration exert as much constructive pressure on iranian government to change and allow freedom as they just did for egypt. joining me from the middle of the celebrations, nbc news chief correspondent, richard engel. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. not quite in the middle of the celebrations right here. we had to come up to a somewhat quieter locat
. >>> president obama's approval rating this week is 46%, exactly the same as president clinton and six points higher than president reagan at this time in their presidencies. president obama is now focused on the same issue they were at this point. jobs. >> i do have one quick scheduling announcement. >> the president's outreach mission continues. >> the president will host speaker boehner, majority leader can tore, for lunch here at the white house. >> the speaker finally rsvps yes, and they even agreed on the topic. >> they should be talking about jobs. >> we will get domestic spending to the lowest level as a share of gdp since eisenhower. >> republicans agree on the obama goal of creating jobs, and cutting spending, but how? >> spokesman for house speaker john boehner says quote, rather than doubling down on his job questioning agenda, the president should work with republicans to reduce economic uncertainty and create jobs. spending is what is going on. it is the source of problems. we have to grow the economy. >> they are not too receptive to this idea. >> but creating jobs is not what
with president barack obama. >> any of the violence is instigated by the government, it should stop immediately. >> there needs to be a transition. >> the white house looking for the next step as the calm in egypt is broken by a president who refuses to leave. >> we have had rock throwing and clashes in the front of the museum of egypt. i stood there yesterday. it's hand-to-hand rock throwing combat. >> in effect pro-mubarak street gangs. almost like the middle ages. they are dumping substances off the rooftop. they drove past our camera location early this morning, we were on "morning joe" and the "today" show. >> the white house message, mubarak must go soon. >> the white house is in a full-blown crisis mode. >> breaking news, the white house is responding. >> the time has come now. >> speeches are not enough. >> the white house takes no action, yet. >> obama administration stands at a turning point here. >> who sends people on camels and horses to beat people? the violence is clearly from the mubarak side. >> the tone in washington, still united in egypt as republicans make another attack on
are now starting to blame president obama. >> they say they will not leave until president mubarak goes. >> the entire world is watching. >> egypt pauses. protesters remain in liberty square. mubarak remains in office and uncertainty remains worldwide. >> there needs to be a transition process that begins now. >> it's almost inevitable that president mubarak is going to step down. >> who would be in charge? >> the u.s. is opening that the military will resolve this crisis. >> at the end of the day it matters what's the military say to president mubarak? >> the first allegiance is to the institution and country and not to mubarak. >> we have trained their officers, have we not? >> we have taken steps to quell the violence from yesterday. >> what will emerge during changing of the guard if the old order fails? >> white house stepping up talks with egyptian officials about forming some form of a caretaker government. >> for the first time the violence against reporters turns deadly. >> attacks on reporters are unacceptable. >> two dozen journalists have been detained over the last day or s
asked you is president obama backing wisconsin workers 100%? 16% of you said yes. 84% of you said no. >>> the hot new candidate for president is from jersey. >> this is one popular guy in the gop. >> put up or shut up time. >> the new champion of right wing slash and burn budgets, governor chris christie wants the rest of the country to be like new jersey. but 49 states say they don't want to be like jersey. >> real housewives of new jersey, and now most regrettably the "jersey shore." not a place that thought of itself as a national leader. >> he wants republicans to cut spending no matter who it hurts and conservatives love that. >> why are so many republicans going gaga over chris christie? >> chris christie is riding a wave. >> speak it bluntly and directly, he repeatedly said he does not want to run. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. >> is he so great or is the rest of the field that lousy? >> his draconian cuts will end up costing more jobs and have fewer people working. >> and while he was wowing conservatives, democrats and republica
with lawrence o'donnell starts now. >>> president obama's budget is dead on arrival. >> i pledge to cut the deficit in half. >> we're ready to take this debate on. >> president obama's budget plan puts him between worried democrats and uncompromising republicans. >> hot off the presses and already getting a cool reception from democrats and republicans. >> huge disappointment to those in both parties. >> democrats see too many cuts that hurt children and the poor. >> more than a trillion in cuts. >> if a republican president proposed it, the left would go crazy. >> 14 million children growing up in poverty could soon disappear. >> taking heating subsidies away from poor people. >> republicans say obama doesn't cut enough. >> we're broke. we have to cut even from programs that are good. >> there's very little we see in this so far, commonality on spending. >> the white house defends the cuts and calls new spending investments. >> the national institute of health, research for medicine, those kinds of things, energy and some transportation. >> we think it is a responsible plan. >> cut exc
hearings on a collective bargaining bill similar to the one in wisconsin. president obama made an appearance in ohio but stuck to his winning the future message at a small business forum at cleveland state university. >> small businesses like yours that help drive america's economic growth, they are the cornerstones of america's promise. the idea that if you have a dream and have the work ethic to see it through, you can succeed. >> he did not get any more controversial or bold than that in his speech. not a word. not a word about the labor protests in wisconsin or the similar situation in the very state he was in at the time or in neighboring indiana. a new usa gallup poll finds the rest of the country firmly, firmly on the side of state democrats that are fighting to preserve collective bargaining rights. the poll says that 61% would oppose a law in their state like the one proposed in wisconsin, and 33% would favor such a law. joining me now, msnbc analyst and huffington post senior political editor, howard fineman. howard, thanks for joining me. >> hi, lawrence. >> howard,
in the streets of cairo. but wait a minute, doesn't beck say president obama pushes the socialists and communist agenda? i know this sounds loony. and that's my point. listen to this guy once in a while. his stuff is loony. loony tune. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. the last word with lawrence o'donnell starts right now. >>> at this moment egyptian state television is showing video of flowers, while journalists' lives are being threatened and nick christoph of the "new york times" says "i worry about what it is they're planning that they don't want us to see." >> they were hunting down reporters. and we were swarmed -- >> people who are angry at journalists -- >> we condemn in the strongest terms attacks on reporters covering the ongoing situation in egypt. >> the secretary of state delivers the strongest condemnation yet of violence in egypt and the attacks on journalists. >> almost simultaneously, it happened just around -- around 2:00. >> reporter: foreign journalists say they have been attacked by armed men. >> some of them had very bad experiences. >> i'm using a flash
to corporations in 2007 or so, which barack obama blocked, told the banks i'm the guy standing between you and the pitch forks, blocked that bill in the house trying to ratchet backbones, had to help them, make sure we had confidence in them. without a villain, without barack obama letting people have the villain they want, the republican party stepped in and said you know, it is government and public employee unions that are the cause of your problems. now people like walker are able to pick up on that. there is a void left in the national merit of what has gone wrong in our country the past couple years. barack obama did not effectively fill it for reasons good and bad. walker and others have been able to step in there, use it to accomplish some long term gop priorities. some may make sense, some may not. but i think there's a large political story, and it has to do with failure of the democrats to articulate a narrative that made sense to people and a plan how to get us out of here. >> the governor you heard him say in the press conference there's a friday deadline looming on restructur
in the show. many conservative pundits who criticized president obama for being a "creampuff" and timid when it came to speaking out on behalf of the protesters in iran are now of course criticizing him for supporting the protesters in egypt too much. >> obama's in a very tricky, tricky situation now. but he made a very big gaffe by coming out so publicly asking mubarak to leave. he can't just come out and call for democracy. i think we saw that. the riots in the street just got worse when he did that. james madison is not walking the streets of cairo with a musket. >> and then there's the one and only glenn beck, who to understand egypt has turned to the only explanatory device he knows -- demented conspiracy theory. >> the muslim brotherhood. code pink seems pretty darn cozy with the muslim brotherhood. can you imagine a terrorist organization, can you imagine if any of us were cozy with hamas? >> when forced to address the beck madness, the gang at fox & friends claimed they didn't know anything about it. >> your own network has been running absolutely, you know, lunatic theories about th
and president obama's statement yesterday that action should be taken now, and of course, today white house press secretary robert gibbs said now was yesterday. how is this all being received by the people? how is the united states being viewed in all of this? >> reporter: well, a couple of things. since cairo's a different city today than it was yesterday, yesterday everyone in cairo wanted to be on camera. today they wanted our cameras. the population that we come in contact with down in the square had changed. the entire story line changed. we were seeing, through the help of people who speak the language said u.s. stay out of egypt. tougher language than that. some of the protesters showing the faces of our last five american presidents making the point that these were mubarak friends, sponsors, helped to prop him up. and it was getting a little more vehement. the pro-democracy protesters who filled this square wanted one thing, they wanted a full-on barack obama endorsement. they wanted to hear barack obama tell hosni mubarak the time to go was yesterday. and of course, diplomacy being
appearance here tonight. >> thank you. >>> the white house said today president obama has no plans to travel to wisconsin to show support for the union workers despite a push from some progressives. i'll talk with teamsters president james hoffa next. >>> and later, big news from "rolling stone" today has already sparked a military investigation. the allegations, a general ordered psych ops to put their tactics to use on u.s. senators in order to get more money for the war in afghanistan. i'll be joined by the reporter, michael hastings, in his first tv interview about the story. that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at you have frequent heartburn, right ? yeah, it flares up a few days a week. well, we're the two active i
today president obama has no plans to travel to wisconsin to show support for the union workers despite a push from some progressives. i'll talk with teamsters president james hoffa next. >>> and later, big news from "rolling stone" today has already sparked a military investigation. the allegations, a general ordered psych ops to put their tactics to use on u.s. senators in order to get more money for the war in afghanistan. i'll be joined by the reporter, michael hastings, in his first tv interview about the story. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless, too? new aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers, with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on, to even skin tone in four weeks. new aveeno tinted moisturizers. and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. >>> with the political standoff in wisconsin approaching
are interfering with wisconsin politics, including president obama. >> we are focused on balancing the budget. it would be wise for the president and others in washington to focus on balancing their budget which they're a long way from doing. >> republican legislative progress on this bill has been effectively blocked by wisconsin senate democrats, all of whom who have gone into hiding so that the senate cannot achieve a quorum to vote on the bill. joining me now from an undisclosed location, wisconsin senate minority leader democrat mark miller, and in a television first, he is joined by republican state senator glen grossman. senators, thanks for joining us. senator miller, state troopers as you know were looking for you at your house today. this is serious. they want you back in the capitol. here is what scott walker had to say about you and your colleagues leaving the state. >> we can't cross state lines. from our stand point, we're hoping to make a rational appeal to them whether they agree with the bill or not, have the guts to show up and do your job. don't hide out in another state. c
the obama administration will hope for at some level if this is to move in a positive direction. if we don't see that, then i think the situation is going to become potentially highly chaotic, very bloody, and we won't see an end to this for some time. steve clemons, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, rachel. >>> what you've seen unfold tonight inclusively at msnbc, with great thanks to our nbc news assets, something we're proud to be able to bring it to you. we're only able to bring it because of our incredible assets in cairo. brian williams, richard engel and many more.someth unfolds.t atta we'll see you at our regular time tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern. good night. pa better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip. >> woman: good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. goo
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